Deception by Amanda Quick… aka “Ms. Wingfield and the Pirate Nanny”

Deception by Amanda Quick… aka “Ms. Wingfield and the Pirate Nanny”

As I stated in another review, nobody can write bluestockings and over-the-top heroes like Ms. Quick.

Miss Wingfield and Mr. Chillhurst are no different. Olympia is a rather absent-minded adoptive mother of three, almost ignorant in terms of society rules and regulations, but well-versed in translating and decrypting old diaries… Which is why Jared, undercover viscount masquerading as a pirate masquerading as a tutor, requires her expertise. And if he just happens to find her attractive and suitable for the part of future countess, who’s to blame?

Together they battle propriety and back-stabbing associates, while solving a century-long mystery (although, disappointingly, we never get to hear about the actual treasure, as the story ends before they leave for the island where the treasure is supposed to be buried).

As in most Amanda Quick novels, we also have a flock of supporting characters: three surprisingly well-mannered boys, despite one TSTL episode; one hilarious housekeeper; his family and her new friends, who are basically a bunch of lovable busy-bodies AND two surprising lesbian couples (Olympia’s beloved aunts and Chillhurst’s “former acquaintances”). Given the fact that this book was originally release in the early 90s, this is serious stuff and Ms. Quick may be considered an ice-breaker of sorts.

I always recommend Ms. Quick to people who want to get onto the historical romance bandwagon, but don’t know where to start. Her books are usually fun romps, with charming characters and themes/mysteries that are light enough not to steal the romance spotlight.


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